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News & Highlights

  • Mitch Feldman Appointed Chief of DGIM at UCSF Health
    (Below are excerpts from the announcement by Bob Wachter, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine)

    Mitchell Feldman, MD, MPhil was appointed the fourth chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM), based at the UCSF Health sites. Mitch received his BA from Johns Hopkins, completed an M.Phil. (in social anthropology) from Cambridge University, and received his MD from UCSF. He joined the faculty after completing his IM residency at UCSF.

    Since joining the faculty, Mitch has made contributions in many areas. His research has focused on the identification and management of behavioral and psychiatric issues in medical patients. His more than 100 peer-reviewed papers have been published in prominent journals, and his research has been funded by the NIH and major foundations. He is currently co-editor in chief of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the leading academic journal in the field, and lead editor of the book, Behavioral Medicine: A Guide for Clinical Practice, now in its fourth edition. Mitch has also been a pioneer in the promotion of mentorship. As the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Mentoring at UCSF, Mitch established UCSF's Faculty Mentoring Program, a widely admired initiative that has served as a model for many other institutions. Mitch has received a number of honors, and they illustrate the breadth of his contributions, both at UCSF and around the world.

    Our DGIM is known as one of the premier divisions of general medicine in the U.S. Its primary care residency program is at or near the top in the nation, it provides superb clinical care to tens of thousands of patients (including many of our own faculty, staff, and trainees), and it is a leader in medical education. Its research contributions span many fields, including health disparities, quality improvement, medical education, informatics, epidemiology of chronic diseases, and behavioral health, to name just a few.

    Yet primary care is undergoing a major transformation: shifting to a population health perspective, focusing increasingly on both classic medical as well as social determinants of disease (and wellness), and beginning to integrate the fruits of precision medicine research. Moreover, we all recognize that longitudinal care will increasingly be delivered in settings other than the classic office visit, including many facilitated by new technologies ranging from telemedicine to home sensors. The electronic health record has added a new enabler of care, and also a major stressor. It’s a time of great change, and with it comes exciting opportunities as well as real threats. In this environment, I believed that it was vital to have a DGIM chief with the skills to redesign the practice for the needs of the future, to promote mentorship, to improve the engagement and morale of our people, and to continue to support our world-class research and educational enterprises. I am confident that under Mitch’s leadership, the division will continue to lead, innovate, and inspire.

  • Dr. Doug Bauer Appointed to FDA Advisory Committee

    Doug Bauer, MD, has been appointed to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review panel that will provide independent advice about drugs that have been submitted to the FDA for approval. The only general internist on a 9-member panel, he will serve on the Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee (BRUDAC) for a term that runs through June 2018.

    The committee meets two to three times a year to review drugs that have been submitted to the FDA. Doug says that there is a lot of value in assessing these potential new medications from an independent standpoint. "There is a great deal of tension between making a quick decision and maintaining public safety. The pharmaceutical companies would like there to be a fast approval process but we have to determine that the drugs considered for approval are effective and safe."

    Information about the FDA BRUDAC committee, including meeting materials and the committee charter, are available at the FDA Advisory Committee website.

  • Dr. Nicole Appelle Receives 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award

    The UCSF Academy of Medical Educators has awarded Nicole Appele, MD, the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award.

    The Excellence in Teaching Awards are peer-nominated and recognize teachers who are dedicated to education. As described on the Academy of Medical Educators website: "These teachers are 'unsung heroes' who demonstrate daily their dedication to education and teach in a manner that creates an encouraging and intellectually stimulating environment, which promotes critical thinking and learning."

    To read more about the Excellence in Teaching Awards, visit "http://meded.ucsf.edu/cfe/academy-excellence-teaching-awards

Residency Spotlight

The application deadline for the 2017-18 academic year for the SFGH and UC Primary Care Internal Medicine programs is November 15, 2016.

Please refer to each program's section for details and contact information.