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The Department of General Internal Medicine at UCSF excels in the delivery of high quality, culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate primary and preventive health care; conducting innovative, population-based and epidemiological research; and training the best doctors of the future.

We strive to achieve excellence in patient care, research, and medical education. If you would like to help us in these efforts, contact Allison White, Assistant Director, University Development, at (415) 502-5868 or Allison.White@ucsf.edu.

Did you know your doctor trains the next generation of primary care doctors?

In addition to providing excellent care to our patients, our faculty here in the Division of General Internal Medicine at UCSF train over 60 medical residents each year to deliver the kind of outstanding primary care that you receive. Our mission to provide excellent healthcare while training the newest primary care physicians wouldn't be possible without the assistance we receive from our supporters.

For more information about how you can support our Residency Program please click on the image below.

Spotlight on a DGIM Researcher: Alka Kanaya, MD

Along with providing high-quality patient care, DGIM faculty are also engaged in important medical research. Alka Kanaya, MD, a Professor of Medicine in DGIM, is one such researcher.

Dr. Kanaya’s research focuses on ways to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Being overweight and sedentary are modifiable risk factors for these conditions. To read what she has to say about her research, please click the image below.