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Maxine Papadakis, MD
Professor Emeritus


Recent Articles (37)

Lipner RS, Young A, Chaudhry HJ, Duhigg LM, Papadakis MA. Specialty Certification Status, Performance Ratings, and Disciplinary Actions of Internal Medicine Residents. Acad Med. 2016 Mar; 91(3):376-81.

Hafferty FW, Wynia MK, Papadakis MA, Sullivan WM. In reply to Barnhoorn and Youngson and to Jones and Thaxton. Acad Med. 2014 Dec; 89(12):1579-80.

Wynia MK, Papadakis MA, Sullivan WM, Hafferty FW. More than a list of values and desired behaviors: a foundational understanding of medical professionalism. Acad Med. 2014 May; 89(5):712-4.

Teherani A, Papadakis MA. Clinical performance of medical students with protected disabilities. JAMA. 2013 Dec 04; 310(21):2309-11.

Papadakis MA, Paauw DS, Hafferty FW, Shapiro J, Byyny RL. Perspective: the education community must develop best practices informed by evidence-based research to remediate lapses of professionalism. Acad Med. 2012 Dec; 87(12):1694-8.

Papadakis MA, Wofsy D. Plagiarism on personal statements: a disturbing symptom of a broader trend. Ann Intern Med. 2010 Jul 20; 153(2):128-9.

Hauer KE, Papadakis MA. Assessment of the contributions of clinician educators. J Gen Intern Med. 2010 Jan; 25(1):5-6.

Hauer KE, Ciccone A, Henzel TR, Katsufrakis P, Miller SH, Norcross WA, Papadakis MA, Irby DM. Remediation of the deficiencies of physicians across the continuum from medical school to practice: a thematic review of the literature. Acad Med. 2009 Dec; 84(12):1822-32.

Papadakis MA, Arnold GK, Blank LL, Holmboe ES, Lipner RS. Performance during internal medicine residency training and subsequent disciplinary action by state licensing boards. Ann Intern Med. 2008 Jun 03; 148(11):869-76.

Hodgson CS, Teherani A, Gough HG, Bradley P, Papadakis MA. The relationship between measures of unprofessional behavior during medical school and indices on the California Psychological Inventory. Acad Med. 2007 Oct; 82(10 Suppl):S4-7.

Stern DT, Papadakis M. The developing physician--becoming a professional. N Engl J Med. 2006 Oct 26; 355(17):1794-9.

Papadakis MA, Teherani A, Banach MA, Knettler TR, Rattner SL, Stern DT, Veloski JJ, Hodgson CS. Disciplinary action by medical boards and prior behavior in medical school. N Engl J Med. 2005 Dec 22; 353(25):2673-82.

Teherani A, Hodgson CS, Banach M, Papadakis MA. Domains of unprofessional behavior during medical school associated with future disciplinary action by a state medical board. Acad Med. 2005 Oct; 80(10 Suppl):S17-20.

Papadakis MA. The Step 2 clinical-skills examination. N Engl J Med. 2004 Apr 22; 350(17):1703-5.

Papadakis MA, Hodgson CS, Teherani A, Kohatsu ND. Unprofessional behavior in medical school is associated with subsequent disciplinary action by a state medical board. Acad Med. 2004 Mar; 79(3):244-9.

Murr AH, Miller C, Papadakis M. Mentorship through advisory colleges. Acad Med. 2002 Nov; 77(11):1172-3.

Elnicki DM, Curry RH, Fagan M, Friedman E, Jacobson E, Loftus T, Ogden P, Pangaro L, Papadakis M, Szauter K, Wallach P, Linger B. Medical students' perspectives on and responses to abuse during the internal medicine clerkship. Teach Learn Med. 2002; 14(2):92-7.

Papadakis MA, Loeser H, Healy K. Early detection and evaluation of professionalism deficiencies in medical students: one school's approach. Acad Med. 2001 Nov; 76(11):1100-6.

Papadakis M, Loeser H. A university partnership for longitudinal ambulatory care education. Acad Med. 2000 May; 75(5):536-7.

Loeser H, Papadakis M. Promoting and assessing professionalism in the first two years of medical school. Acad Med. 2000 May; 75(5):509-10.

Papadakis MA, Osborn EH, Cooke M, Healy K. A strategy for the detection and evaluation of unprofessional behavior in medical students. University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Clinical Clerkships Operation Committee. Acad Med. 1999 Sep; 74(9):980-90.

Papadakis MA, Croughan-Minihane M, Fromm LJ, Wilkie HA, Ernster VL. A comparison of two methods to teach smoking-cessation techniques to medical students. Acad Med. 1997 Aug; 72(8):725-7.

Papadakis MA, Hamon G, Stotts N, Tierney MJ, Martin Spencer E, Scheuenstuhl H, Hunt TK. Effect of growth hormone replacement on wound healing in healthy older men. Wound Repair Regen. 1996 Oct; 4(4):421-5.

Papadakis MA, Grady D, Black D, Tierney MJ, Gooding GA, Schambelan M, Grunfeld C. Growth hormone replacement in healthy older men improves body composition but not functional ability. Ann Intern Med. 1996 Apr 15; 124(8):708-16.

Papadakis MA, Grady D, Tierney MJ, Black D, Wells L, Grunfeld C. Insulin-like growth factor 1 and functional status in healthy older men. J Am Geriatr Soc. 1995 Dec; 43(12):1350-5.

Papadakis MA, Kagawa MK. Categorical medicine residents' experiential curriculum. Am J Med. 1995 Jan; 98(1):7-12.

Papadakis MA, Kagawa M. Influence of ambulatory care rotations on gatekeeping referral patterns of categorical medical residents. Acad Med. 1994 Aug; 69(8):680-2.

Walsh JM, Papadakis MA. Prevention training and medical residency. Am J Prev Med. 1994 May-Jun; 10(3):168-71.

Papadakis MA, Lee KK, Browner WS, Kent DL, Matchar DB, Kagawa MK, Hallenbeck J, Lee D, Onishi R, Charles G. Prognosis of mechanically ventilated patients. West J Med. 1993 Dec; 159(6):659-64.

Papadakis MA, Kagawa MK. A randomized, controlled pilot study of placing third-year medical clerks in a continuity clinic. Acad Med. 1993 Nov; 68(11):845-7.

Papadakis MA, Mangione CM, Lee KK, Kristof M. Treatable abdominal pathologic conditions and unsuspected malignant neoplasms at autopsy in veterans who received mechanical ventilation. JAMA. 1991 Feb 20; 265(7):885-7.

Papadakis MA, Wall SD. Failure to recognize late postpneumonectomy empyema. Role of diagnostic thoracentesis. West J Med. 1990 Sep; 153(3):313-4.

Papadakis MA, Fraser CL, Arieff AI. Hyponatraemia in patients with cirrhosis. Q J Med. 1990 Jul; 76(279):675-88.

Papadakis MA, Massie BM. Appropriateness of digoxin use in medical outpatients. Am J Med. 1988 Sep; 85(3):365-8.

Ward M, Papadakis MA. Untrapping the metaphor of AIDS. Am J Med. 1987 Dec; 83(6):1135-7.

Papadakis MA, Browner WS. Prognosis of noncardiac medical patients receiving mechanical ventilation in a veterans hospital. Am J Med. 1987 Oct; 83(4):687-92.

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