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Steve Schroeder, MD

3333 Calif. St,Laurel Heights
San Francisco, CA 94118

Dr. Schroeder is Distinguished Professor of Health and Health Care, Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, UCSF, where he also heads the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center. The Center, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Truth Initiative, works with leaders of more than 80 American health professional organizations and health care institutions to increase the cessation rate for smokers. It has expanded the types of clinician groups that support cessation, developed an alternative cessation message (Ask, Advise, Refer), created new ways to market toll-free telephone quit lines, and engaged the mental health and addictions treatment community for the first time. The Center's current work is focused especially on how to reduce the huge health burden from smoking that falls upon those with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse disorders. SCLC works collaboratively with SAMHSA, HRSA, the CDC, and multiple health professional groups to provide technical assistance to help strengthen smoking cessation capabilities. The Center has also facilitated summit meetings involving 18 states that conduct tobacco cessation summits enabling states to achieve targeted reductions in smoking rates among behavioral health populations.

Between 1990 and 2002, Dr. Schroeder was President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. During that time the Foundation made grant expenditures of almost $4 billion in pursuit of its mission of improving the health and health care of all Americans. It developed new programs in substance abuse prevention and treatment, care at the end of life, and health insurance expansion for children, among others. Dr. Schroeder graduated with honors from Stanford University and Harvard Medical School, and trained in internal medicine at the Harvard Medical Service of Boston City Hospital and in epidemiology as an EIS Officer of the CDC. He held faculty appointments at Harvard, George Washington, and UCSF. At both George Washington and UCSF he was the founding medical director of a university-sponsored HMO, and at UCSF he founded its division of general internal medicine. He is a director of, the Marin General Hospital, the Marin Community Foundation, Mathematica Policy Research, and the Robina Foundation, and former member of the editorial board of the New England Journal of Medicine (for 19 years) and former chair of the Health Care Services Board of the Institute of Medicine (now National Academy of Medicine). He formerly chaired the American Legacy Foundation (now Truth Initiative), was a Council member of the Institute of Medicine, an Overseer of Harvard, President, the Harvard Medical Alumni Association, and director of the James Irvine Foundation. In 2014 he was named a public member of the Congressionally-mandated federal Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health. He has won numerous awards, including six honorary doctoral degrees and the Gustav O. Leinhard Award from the National Academy of Medicine. He and his wife Sally live in Tiburon, CA. They have two physician sons and four grandchildren.

Education and Training

Location Degree or Training Specialty Date
Harvard Center for Community Health and Medical Care Fellowship Community Health and Medical Care 1971
Harvard Medical School Research Fellowship Medicine 1970
Boston City Hospital Senior Residency Medicine 1969
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Epidemic Intelligence Officer National Communicable Diseases Center 1968
Boston City Hospital Internship and Assistant Residency Medicine 1966
Harvard University M.D. Medicine 1964
Stanford University BA 1960

Awards and Honors

2015   150th Anniversary Alumni Excellence Award, University of California, San Francisco, 2015
2013   National Leadership Award, Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2013
2013   Champion of Change for Public Health and Prevention Nomination, The White House, 2013
2013   Gustav O. Lienhard Award, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 2013
2013   Summer Solstice Award: Community Health Champion, Marin Community Clinics, 2013
2012   Robert H. Crede Award of Excellence in Community Service, University of California, San Francisco, Division of General Internal Medicine, 2012
2010   Honorary Professor of Medicine, Ben Gurion University, 2010
2008   Board of Directors Award of Honor, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 2008
2008   Shattuck Lecture Panelist, New England Journal of Medicine and Massachusetts Medical Society, 2008
2008   David E. Rogers Award, Association of American Medical Colleges, 2008
2008   Schroeder Institute Inauguration, American Legacy Foundation, 2008
2008   Smoke Free Champion Award, The Smoke Free Project, Children's National Medical Center, 2008
2007   James D. Bruce Memorial Award for Distinguished Contributions in Preventive Medicine, American College of Physicians, 2007
2007   Richard and Barbara Hansen Leadership Award and Distinguished Lectureship, University of Iowa, College of Public Health, 2007
2007   Shattuck Lecturer, New England Journal of Medicine and Massachusetts Medical Society, 2007
2007   Gold Headed Cane Society Induction, University of California, San Francisco, 2007
2006   National Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies Naming, American Legacy Foundation, 2006
2004   National Public Health Hero, University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, 2004
2004   Membership Award, Gold Humanism Honor Society, 2004
2003   Alvin P. Shapiro Award, American Psychosomatic Society Annual Scientific Meeting, 2003
2003   Regent's Professor, University of California, Berkeley, 2003
2003   The Award of Honor, American Hospital Association, 2003
2003   Champion Award, Youth Advocate of the Year Award, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 2003
2002   Second Century Award for Excellence in Health Care, Columbia University School of Nursing, 2002
2002   Armstrong Award (for RWJF), Ambulatory Pediatric Association, 2002
2002   Special Recognition Award, Association of American Medical Colleges, 2002
2002   Academy Award for Excellence in State Health Policy and Practice, National Academy of State Health Policy, 2002
2001   National Leadership Award, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, 2001
2001   Porter Prize, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, 2001
2000   Honorary Fellow, Society of Public Health Education, 2000
1999   Person of the Year, New Jersey Medicine, 1999
1999   Leaders in American Medicine Video Series Honor, Alpha Omega Alpha, 1999
1996   Medal of Honor, American Cancer Society, 1996
1996   Robert J. Glaser Award, Society of General Internal Medicine, 1996
1995   Mastership, American College of Physicians, 1995
1994   Honored at State Dinner, The Lotos Club, 1994
1993   Pinnacle Award, UniHealth America Foundation, 1993
1992   Certificate of Achievement, American College of Physicians, 1992
1987   Dozor Visiting Professor in Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 1987
1982   Member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 1982
1964   Alpha Omega Alpha, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, 1964
1959   Phi Beta Kappa, The Phi Beta Kappa Society, 1959

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Awarded Grants

Project Title Project Number Fiscal Year
Recent Articles (88)

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