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Arianne Teherani, PhD


Arianne Teherani, PhD is Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Education Scientist in the Center for Faculty Educators in the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. She is Director for Program Evaluation for the School of Medicine, a role in which she leads design, development, and policy for evaluation of the School of Medicine Bridges Curriculum.

Dr. Teherani is an education researcher whose main research interests are in the areas of professionalism, professional identity formation, and equity in medical education. She has led studies aimed at identification and remediation of unprofessional behaviors and the role of clinical education and educational continuity in shaping the professional identity of learners and teachers. Dr. Teherani's current research is focused on the role of assessment and learning environment practices in perpetuating educational disparities and interventions aimed at creating equity during medical school. Dr. Teherani has also led research and advocacy efforts on education for climate change, ecosystems degradation, sustainability, and health.

In addition to her own research, Dr. Teherani, mentors students, residents, and faculty members in the UCSF-University of Utrecht doctoral program in Health Professions Education, the Health Professions Education Pathway and Inquiry domain, and the Teaching Scholars Program. She co-directs the Health Professions Education Pathway course for medical students and residents and the Climate Change and Health course for medical students. Dr. Teherani is the recipient of the University of California Faculty Climate Action Champion Award and the UCSF Faculty Sustainability award.

Dr. Teherani earned a masters and doctorate in education from the University of Southern California and completed a fellowship in higher education at the University of British Columbia.

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