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Dr. Doug Bauer Appointed to FDA Advisory Committee

Doug Bauer, MD, has been appointed to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review panel that will provide independent advice about drugs that have been submitted to the FDA for approval. The only general internist on a 9-member panel, he will serve on the Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee (BRUDAC) for a term that runs through June 2018.

The committee meets two to three times a year to review drugs that have been submitted to the FDA. Doug says that there is a lot of value in assessing these potential new medications from an independent standpoint. "There is a great deal of tension between making a quick decision and maintaining public safety. The pharmaceutical companies would like there to be a fast approval process but we have to determine that the drugs considered for approval are effective and safe."

Information about the FDA BRUDAC committee, including meeting materials and the committee charter, are available at the FDA Advisory Committee website.