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Robert H. Crede Awards

2016 Crede Awards

The annual DGIM Robert H. Crede Awards provide the faculty and staff of Mt. Zion DGIM an opportunity to recognize their co-workers for their dedication and service to the Division, our students, our patients and the community. Nominations for each of the categories were submitted by DGIM faculty and staff and the winners were selected by the Crede Award Committee composed of last year's winners.

Congratulations to the winners and nominees!

2016 Crede Awards Winners (with excerpts from nominations)

Excellence in Teaching - Nicole Appelle, MD, MPH

Nicole is an outstanding teacher and clinician – always accessible, responsible, evidence based and clear in her pedagogy. She is a fantastic “front-line” teacher. She is always attentive, enthusiastic, and teachers to the resident (and student) level.

Nicole is a tireless, selfless, generous, and incredibly knowledgeable teacher. She has a remarkable ability to teach efficiently during a busy day precepting to maximize flow and also trainee learning.

Excellence in Clinical Care - Anne Chang, MD

Anne is an excellent clinician who cares deeply about her patients. She has a passion for clinical medicine and an excellent fund of knowledge. She has provided ongoing care to generations of her patients’ families for many years. She stands with them through medical and personal hardships with caring, support, and kindness.

Excellence in Clinical Research - Laura Fejerman, PhD

Laura has achieved national recognition and independence for her work on the genetic risk of breast cancer among Latina women. She is a generous citizen of DGIM, always volunteering to help with faculty well-being activities like the retreat, the research affinity groups, and other activities. She is a star at UCSF and we are very fortunate to have her as one of our faculty members.

Excellence in Nursing Care - Xandro Bulaso, MA

Xandro is amazing – the friendliest, nicest, most helpful person you will ever meet. Patients love him as do all of the physicians who work with him. He is such an asset to our clinic.

Xandro anticipates a patient’s needs and has made sure that my clinic runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. He is professional, warm, and kind

Excellence in Academic Administration - Emily Yeung

Emily is an outstanding AA. I would not make it to any meetings if it weren’t for Emily's help keeping my calendar organized. She is proactive and ever aware of what may be a conflict. She does all this in a quiet and diligent manner. She makes herself very available. There is no task that is too big or too small for her. In short she is a gem.

Emily is extremely organized and her follow-through is exceptional. Additionally, she is warm and welcoming when potential faculty come to visit, coordinating their visit and ensuring that things go smoothly. She is absolutely deserving of this award.

Excellence in Clinical Administration - Rajeil Parshad

Rajeil is always super helpful every time I need to contact him. He’s always friendly and very approachable. He is super polite and always carries a great and positive attitude. Even when he’s off work, I see him helping patients coming in to the clinic or guiding and holding the elevator for them when they leave the clinic.

It does not matter if you are a patient or a manager, he will always look up, greet you and smile. I have seen him on his best days and on his worst yet as a patient you would not be able to tell.

Excellence in Community Service - Gina Moreno-John, MD, MPH

During the U.S. “Police Racism” Hunger Strike in April/May 2016, Gina would rush to SFGH after work to check up on the people on strike many times. She was very concerned with their health, and she was also trying to get other faculty to volunteer with her. She sacrificed her personal time to care for the people at strike. I feel that she truly deserves this award.